Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween: post mortem

Every year I look forward to Halloween. I love the creativity, the costumes, the imaginations, the spooky houses (not haunted houses), the decorations, the joy in children's faces. This year was no different. I looked forward to seeing how people decorate their houses, the costumes that were created and all the fun that surrounded it. My son loves Halloween too. He loves to be unique and creative and loves going to Halloween stores. This year he decided he wanted to be Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He had a definite direction for how he wanted it to look: See here . This clearly was not going to be a costume from the Halloween store. In fact they never made a Mola Ram least not that I could find...and believe me I looked. So naturally I tackled it. I love handmade costumes. I put it off for quite a while in hopes that he might change to match the theme "Star Wars" that many of his friends were going with but no such action happened. He was set on Mola Ram. The tunic and shawl were the easy part. The ultimate costume needed the perfect headdress. Mola Ram wears a ram's skull headdress with a shrunken head and spikes. So here is how ours turned out. I'm quite pleased with the whole thing. It was soft and comfortable (so much so he wore it to bed that night - see the last picture) and warm. Under it, he wore a scullcap with the "paint"markings that Mola Ram had on his head. Made for an even warmer headdress....perfect for a scantily clad evil sorcerer. He did ultimately put on a flesh colored fleece top under the tunic but insisted on having his posed photos without. He also added a spiky tooth necklace (forgot to wear it in all the other pictures and it really added the final tou - we'll update the pictures at some point) All in all a success. So what's next? Who knows where that little mind will go next year. I'm sure it will be a new challenge for me.

Hope you all had a great Halloween.