Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ahhhhhhhh Halloween

I have been loving the Halloween posts from around blogs ville. So many people share in the love of Halloween. What a fun time to feel like a kid again and revel in imaginations. Once again, I am in the throes of costume making. Each year is getting harder and harder. Last year I recapped the many costumes I have made over the years and how much fun I have with making costumes. This year I am struggling. I keep putting it off hoping that my little one will change his mind but that isn't happening. He is dead set on his idea and has been for several months. There was no waffling this time. So what am I struggling with? Mola Ram. Mola Ram? you say. What/who's that? Okay some of you probably do know who Mola Ram is but for those of you who don't....Mola Ram (MR) is a character in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. He is the high priest of whatever who likes to rip hearts out of those he doesn't like. Charming, huh? So why does that make this costume hard? Well, it's not because he wears an obscure looking hat that looks impossible to make (he does but we think we have that figured out). It's because this costume has to look like a cross between the movie MR and the Lego MR and match our son's drawing (as seen above). Fun huh? I have begun this costume by making a lovely skin toned fleece shirt to wear under this lovely costume so that dear boy doesn't freeze on the traditional subfreezing/pouring down rain/inclimate weather Halloween night. That was immediately nixed by said boy due to the fact that MR does not wear skin colored shirts and besides the skin colored shirt does not match his skin exactly (tell me where you find fleece that will match anyone's skin exactly).
So think of me as you are making a lovely princess dress or cape or Star Wars cloak or Indiana Jones outfit or for that matter buying a lovely costume at the party store. I'll need your mental support.

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