Monday, January 23, 2012


Goodness where has the time gone?  2011 was a year filled with lots of changes, not all good but not all bad.  The new year promises hope and more changes that will be very positive. 

Therapeutic Threads has been quite busy this year getting a studio set up, designing new "cool" looking products - including the new weighted hoodies and weighted lap pets.  Remember as each of your children, clients, and you are individual, so are each of my products.  No two are exactly the same and your ideas are very welcome.  Let Therapeutic Threads design something to fit your needs.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful 2012. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another school year

So another school year is upon us and I was going through reviewing what I accomplished last school year - let me tell you it had a lot to do with packing and sorting (multiple times). 

As I was reviewing this, I realized that I left you hanging with the carpool crochet series.  I actually accomplished quite a few projects sitting in the carpool lane (which thankfully I don't have to do this year).  For example I started this project.. and it turned into this lovely box that I have on my work shelf holding various items (or I will again when I get my studio unpacked again).   I also made several sets of the doilys/washcloths I showed here.  They really turned out pretty in several colors.

My last project of the carpool lane was this lovely green, which turned into a great 60's inspired swimsuit sheath. 

Now that the new school year has started and I'm not sitting in carpool lanes anymore (I walk up to his classroom and "hang" with some other parents again), I will need to change my project time.  Wonder what will manifest this year?

Welcome to a new school year.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MIA but new stuff :)

Wow, I have been MIA for quite awhile.  The move and settling has really taken over every aspect of our life. 

It's a bit big for my model but he loved it too.

sweatshirt and weights
However, I have been doing custom orders all along for my Therapeutic Threads store.  Most recently I was asked to make a "cool-looking" weighted hoodie for a pre-teenage boy.  I loved this idea.  So many of the weighted vests looked exactly like a weighted vest or a typical denim or fleece vest with weights sewn in.  I make 2 types of those but they don't really cut into the fashion industry with much "cool" style.  So I tackled this like I do most of my custom orders....get to know the kiddo.  I needed his measurements to ensure proper fit but also needed to know what he likes.  Then I started working on this.
Originally I made several sweatshirts and put a liner in them for the weights - those worked just fine but they didn't have the teenage look I was going for.  My husband saw my frustration and asked why I was "trying to reinvent the wheel - just adapt a premade hoodie."  He had a great point.  While I made some lovely sweatshirt hoodie vests, I could have just found a hoodie the kiddo would like and start there.  So I did that.  Found a cool looking sweatshirt and created a weighted liner inside.  The inside liner vest is adjustable on the sides and the front to adapt to the needs of the child.  It has 8 pockets around the waist and 2 higher up on the back/shoulders.  Perfect for adding the weight needed.  2 or 3 weights of 4 oz fit great in each pocket providing an opportunity for changing as the child needs change.  The sweatshirt zips up in front and no one has any idea it is a weighted vest.  Remove the weights and it washes just as any other hoodie washes.  Have a sweatshirt your child absolutely loves?  Send it to me and I'll add the weighted interior or allow me to find and create a sweatshirt to work for your child. 
inside the vest - 10 pockets for weights

This weighted hoodie is off for its new home today but contact me for one of your own (and watch for some coming to my store later this summer).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Now that we are finally moved and together and done dealing with most of the boxes (notice I said most of the boxes) we are taking some time to do more family things.  We have a great San Antonio trip planned for next week that will include Sea World and the Alamo.  We are also trying to get in more date nights.  The move and chaos has put a strain on our marriage so it's been really nice getting to have some date nights (we've lucked out with a great babysitter in our apartment complex too).  So for Valentine's Day I thought I'd share a few of the great places in the area that would be great for your future Austin date night too.  As we venture out, I'll share some more Austin area places.  

Saturday night we went to the restaurant La Traviata.  Such a sweet quaint place with great food.  We've walked by it several times in the past few months and I'm so glad we went.  It's downtown Austin so check it out.  After a fabulous dinner we decided to head to a lounge before going out dancing.  We headed over to the swanky (not sure that's a cool word anymore but it felt swanky to me) W restaurant/bar/lounge which was really cool.  Then off to another club for dancing and meeting up with some co-workers of my husband.  Apparently this particular night was "wig night" for the "bar crawl" crowd so we ended up at Dogwood's bar with a lot of wig bearing people.  Made me wish I had one too.  It's an outdoor/indoor bar which seemed unfathomable to me after living in the Pacific Northwest for so long - guess it's perfect for the 100 degree evenings in the summer. It certainly was fun people watching while doing a little dancing before heading back to the car and home to the babysitter.  Such a lovely evening.   So treat your loved one to a great Valentine's Day and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Custom work - weighted snakes

I've had a number of custom items in the works.  The latest is an order for multiple snake weighted lap pads.  These are made in various weights as well as adjustable weighted snakes.  This particular order is for 5 pound snakes to be used in a school district.  Here is one of my favorite ones.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Working on Wednesday - more carpool crochet

Got any ideas as to what this will be?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

She needs a name

I recently finished a custom order for a 6 year old girl who loves pink.  Her mom picked out the fabric from my choices and made a few other requests - definitely a custom order.  The order evolved into this adorable weighted lap pad.  The body is weighted with flaxseed to allow for hot/cold therapy as well as light weighting.  It is covered in a removable fleece cover in a pink with hot pink floral print (yes, pink and more pink).  This cute guy has "sensory" ears - that is they crinkle.  Top this off with pink ribbon fidgets and this is my favorite lap pet so far.  Any ideas what to call it?  My son thinks it should be a "cat"erpillar lap pet.  What do you think?

******Update******  This cute guy has been named "Chum Chum" by her new owner.  So cute!