Monday, November 30, 2009

Gearing up for a big show

For the past month I have been gearing up for the holiday season. Right now that doesn't mean doing Christmas shopping, hitting all the Black Friday-CyberMonday sales, or even thinking about Christmas gifts. Right now that means preparing for my first really big show. I wasn't even sure how to gear up for this show but have questioned friends, read emails, followed blog posts, and thought this out thoroughly and feel pretty prepared for it. You might be wondering how big a show I'm planning toward. Well it is a 4 day event (when I applied I originally thought it was a 3 days event with short days - wrong) with quite long days - 10 AM to 8 PM. Thankfully I won't need to be there every day for the entire time but will be circulating through the event daily. I'm excited. I attended this show last year and found some great gifts for family and myself. I applied early this Fall hoping but not counting on getting in - it is a juried show with tons of applicants from all over the Pacific Northwest area and only 75 spots and I had just begun getting orders with Therapeutic Threads. I was thrilled to be chosen to be a part of the 4 day event but really only had enough product for a 2 day event and also had a Holiday open house show 2 weeks prior to this event. So product making has kept me overwhelmingly busy for the past month. Thankfully my mom has been helping out with sewing the liners for the eye pillows and neck pillows so I can focus on getting the removable covers made and the pillows filled with flax and wheatberries. Thanks Mom. This week we get to pull all this product out and display it at this great event so if you are in the area be sure to check it out. I will have items from both stores. Therapeutic eye, neck and back pillows from Therapeutic Threads. Tiaras, dresses, aprons, smocks, purses, cup covers and more from Original Cyn Studios. So many items that are perfect for gift giving or stocking stuffers.

Come check it all out at the Hilltop Holiday Craft show - December 2-5 at the Northwest Arts Center in Bellevue. Over 75 different vendors from the Pacific Northwest with a huge variety of products.

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