Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's coming along!

So I have been frantically trying to get my sewing room back to some assemblage of order - not an easy task when nothing in the rest of the house has moved to allow for some of this stuff to leave my room. I have made some progress with Freecycling and CraigsList but that too can be time consuming. So it goes. As long as I keep the sewing machine area cleaned out, I'm able to keep after the custom orders and preparing for 2 holiday shows (more about those later). I am trying to make peace with the fact that it may take a whole year to get it all cleaned out, arranged, and reallocated. That will be the only way I can do it. It will be in upheaval again anyway when the holidays come and it has to be made into a guest room but we're still deciding on that. For now, I'm still plugging along, tackling tasks as I can while still working on keeping my stores going and thriving. The picture above shows that I have sorted through much of the fabric that had begun the crash/disaster and have reduced the amount of fabric I have out (the rest I have in a multitude of plastic boxes waiting to cycle in). Next up is working on a cycling plan that easily pulls in fabric from the boxes without it stuffed on the shelf. More to come.

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