Monday, September 14, 2009

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I would have tons of time to devote to cleaning and sorting the house, making tons of fun new things, and meeting all my mom friends for coffee, life changes things up. Isn't that always the case? Just when you have great plans made, something always comes up or happens.

Well here's what happened....

pretty huh? What is it? say. Looks messy. Yes it looks fact a real disaster! A few days before school started, my whole sewing room crumbled. This started with my shelving system with all my tons of fabric (guess I didn't factor the weight properly) completely collapsed. That would have been enough for me but instead it not only collapsed, it started a domino effect. The shelves fell down, the fabric flew out, the hanging racks and tables got pushed over, and so on and so forth. Loud and scary to say the least. Luckily my sewing machine wasn't touched - of course it had so many fabric projects on top it would have been cushioned. Now let me clarify this whole thing by saying that my sewing room was not terribly neat and tidy before. It has become the drop off point for all boxes containing items that needed to go to the thrift store, toys that needed to be sold, and outgrown clothes that needed to be handed off to those they will fit. Yes, my sewing room/guest room/drop off room/office/storage room/kids craft room/game & puzzle storage room was in need of a clean up - but not this intense! Everything fell in that room but gave me incentive to make some changes.

So I am taking this time to thoroughly go through everything...sorting fabric (who really needs purple striped velour anyway), rearranging, reallocating, removing, and starting anew. I've decided I don't need 10 years worth of Martha Stewart Living magazines anymore - I've moved those all over this country - time for them to move on. I've also decided that I don't need all the craft supplies I have accumulated - I'm not going to be a jewelry maker or a scrapbooker or a cardmaker or a soapmaker. Time for all those supplies to go. This process is taking forever it seems but it will be so worth it for my family and for my businesses. Just wait until you see it next.

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