Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher appreciation - magnets

So all week I have been featuring items we made for our teacher/staff appreciation week. My son's teacher is awesome and really deserved everything. I'm in the classroom weekly and noticed that she uses magnets on her dry erase board a lot. She also seems to always need a few more than what she had so this gift was an easy one to come up with. We created 2 different kinds of magnets. The first were based on an idea from Kacey at On A Whimm. She stacks buttons to make these tacks. We did the same kind of thing but added a magnet. My son picked out the buttons he wanted and stacked them up. I did the gluing for him. They turned out great and now I have some on my refrigerator too. I love them.

The second kind were based on an idea I found on Not Martha. We adapted it to be painted rather than paper cut outs. My son painted the back of flat marbles and we let them dry. We used various colors and included some metallics (they looked great!-sorry no pic). After they dried I glued the magnet to the back.

We took all the magnets we made and he picked which ones he wanted for each teacher (we included his reading teacher and the aides for this gift). Then we made small origami boxes from old wildlife magazines I've been hauling around the country (I used these with my students as great story starters, language builders, and high interest reading items). My son was a great helper with folding these and I think they turned out great. They probably could have been a bit crisper but they held together great and looked adorable.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of each of the magnets before they were distributed. I did however get a picture of one of the boxes he gave (it didn't have any of the marble magnets in it though). I know they were appreciated because the teacher immediately pulled them out and began using them. I think we will make more for family and friends too. I know I want more on my fridge.

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