Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flowers for teacher

My son wanted to give his teacher flowers but not ones "that die fast". So he decided he would give her a plant. We started with a basic terracotta pot (he wanted a huge one but we negotiated and settled on this size). After washing and drying the pot, he began painting. We used a special outdoor paint so it doesn't fade too fast. It is easily available at any craft supply place - we happened to get it at Michaels. He spent a week painting this pot - factoring in dry time. He did a layer with it standing upright and a layer upside down. He painted the inside and the outside. He also painted the saucer. It was so beautiful when it was complete. We planted it with sweet william, marigold, and verbena. His teacher loved it and told him she'll place it on her front porch.

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