Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teacher appreciation - raffle

As part of the week long celebration of teachers, our PTSA hosted a celebration luncheon for all the teachers and staff (over 70 people). The meal was provided by volunteers and parents from the school. In addition to the luncheon, awards were given to various teachers and staff for their service to the kids and a raffle was done with items donated by members of the PTSA. A friend donated a painting and I donated 30 of my cup covers. I chose many to be "teacher" related but not all. I included a variety to appeal to many different interests. I was very pleased to hear that they were well received. In the weekly newletter sent out by the principal she commented on them, "Staff appreciation week was this week and it was so fun. Thanks for all the thank yous and gifts. I especially love my “coffee” cozy for keeping my hands from burning when holding a hot drink." Made me feel so great that I could be a part of thanking them for all their work. Thanks to all the great teachers and staff out there at ............ Elementary!

Have you thanked your teacher?

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