Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gingerbread houses

With all the snow at the end of December, many of our usual activities and events got canceled. Actually lots of things got canceled and I am just now getting back on track with our schedule and routine. One that my son was really looking forward to was building "gingerbread" houses with his friend Robbie. He looks forward to any time spent with his friend but even more when they have a delicious task at hand. I had plenty of frosting left over from the birthday cake saved for just this occasion so we went ahead and did the project. I prepped the tray with all the fixings and N went to town building. He had a great time and it turned out great. He then decided to make me a special cookie. It was great too. Now several weeks later, that house is still standing (at least it was until this weekend when all the Christmas stuff went away). Lots of fun, but next year we'll hope to do it together with his friend.

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Kayce said...

We hope next year doesn't snow out our fun plans! Glad all the kids got to do the project - just not together :(

Looking forward to getting the boys back together