Friday, December 19, 2008

And it was a success!

The party turned out to be lots of fun. Even though I woke up with a terrible cold, it all turned out just fine. We started with coloring pages that the kids could do as everyone arrived. The Death Star page turned out to be the most popular - I know because now I have tons of coloring pages in all the other characters and such. Then we began our first activity - Droid building. I had a table set up with all sorts of miscellaneous items - tubes, wires, sprinkler heads, etc for them to choose from. They started with an empty oatmeal container and went from there. Many cool contraptions were created. Lunch was then provided and the kids had "rancor fingers (hot dogs) and other items my husband made up strange names for - I can't remember all of them. After lunch we began the games. First was Jedi training and using the force to stack cardboard blocks, followed by sticking the lightsabers on General Grevous. Finally the kids decorated lightsaber handles and chose their lightsaber color. I put them together while the kids assembled for Battle Droid cake and ice cream. We ended with presents and goody bags. It was lots of fun. You too can get your own lightsaber from my store. I am only stocking Jedi lightsabers but if you want Sith colors, just let me know.

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