Friday, December 19, 2008

oh the weather outside is........

beautiful! Snow, snow, snow! So after a no-snow snow-day off from school on Wednesday (they thought this storm was coming to us then), we woke up yesterday to a real snow-day off from school. It snowed and snowed and snowed - steadily all day in fact. We are used to just a few inches a year here but this was a few inches and then some - 10 inches by mid-day when I took this picture. We couldn't believe it. It was like we were back in Wisconsin again - although I don't have any of the gear we had when we lived there. We didn't need it here - or so we thought. It was so much fun and so quiet and beautiful. No cars, no plows, just people walking with their sleds or on their cross-country skis. Very cool. We spent a lot of time clearing the walk and the driveway only to have them covered again by the time we were done. We made snow angels (this is our son making one and catching the snowflakes on his tongue at the same time) and then after my husband got home from work (he walked to work) the boys made the coolest snow fort - complete with a tunnel. We will continue to work on it today as it is again a snow-day off from school. I guess it's time to officially start Christmas Vacation. It sure looks like it could be a white Christmas this year.

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