Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Traditions.....New Year

We have many traditions in our family that make stressful times easier. Many of these traditions focus around the holidays. One such tradition is New Year Cookies. My grandmother made these and called them Fidden. They are a Mennonite recipe that has been passed down for many years. We made them every year growing up around the holidays and they were a tasty New Year's treat. I have continued this tradition in our house and made it something special for my son and I (and whomever else wants to help) to do on New Year's Day. First the dough is made, then it rises, and then small spoonfuls are dropped into hot oil. Then comes the tasty job....rolling them in sugar. The recipe makes a ton but seldom do these last very long into the new year. Not the best way to start a new year's resolution off but tradition is tradition. Such a special memory for me and now for my son. YUM!

Let's hope this New Year brings great memories for all.


Nancy Jones said...

I think you MUST post the recipe for those delectable looking bites!

Original Cyn Studios said...

I believe the actual Mennonite name is Portzelky. I think if you do a search for that many similar recipes come up. They are fabulous!