Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, so the fleece item didn't get submitted to the stocking stuffer challenge as originally hoped. It just didn't get finished in time - for several really good reasons. 1. I am working on felted ornaments for the 2 ornament exchanges I am participating in (must get these done to send to Ireland soon!). 2. We are finally getting the laundry room functional and we installed the first set of cabinets. Yeah!!! I might have my sewing room back in time for Christmas. 3. I was finishing up this scarflette crocheted from the recycled fleece. 4. I was making some new aprons/smocks. and 5. I was making and sewing the button on this blanket wrap that I'll be listing this week. So instead of more fleece, I decided to make a felted rose brooch (I was crocheting and felting items anyway - see #1.) for the stocking stuffer challenge. I also made this other crocheted brooch. These look great on any coat, jacket, scarf, or hat for the holiday. Watch for them soon in the Etsyrain store on Etsy (that's where the challenge items will be sold).

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