Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Support the Arts!

We have and will always try to expose our son to every experience we can. We have tried out various different classes - gymnastics, t-ball, basketball, reading camps etc. We have taken him to parks, beaches, aquariums, zoos. We have even tried out various museums - natural science, flight, art. We believe by exposing him to all these experiences he will be a more rounded knowledgeable child and future adult. As a household of crafty and artistic people, exposing him to the arts comes easy. He has had regular weekly crafting time since he was an infant - originally we called it Art & Music Day (my mom said it was like I had my own preschool in my home). As he got older we ventured out to other Arts. One of my favorite experiences is the theater. Our family has a great love of the theater. We must as my sister runs the White Plains Performing Arts Center in NY and my mom volunteers a multitude of hours for the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Colorado - in fact she was nominated for the Rex Morgan Citizen Volunteer of the Year Award. Yeah Mom! So you know my delight was high as we had a theater weekend this past weekend. We met up with friends and the 2 moms and 3 kids had the best time seeing Pinocchio done by Storybook Theater. We have attended other theaters around the area for Children's productions but nothing compares with the music and stories done by this group. It was so much fun. It is something that has started as a tradition. We attended each story together last year and intend to this year. The next is Goldilocks. It may not be Broadway but it is the perfect introduction to Drama, the Arts, and Musical Theater for our kids. What better way to show a creative child that stories can come to life in your head and on a stage.

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Nancy Jones said...

Hey, it's better than's Storybook Theater! We can't wait for the next production. :~)