Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am having loads of fun with fleece lately. A while back (okay quite a while back) I received several huge bags of fleece scraps that I have been having quite some fun creating with. This has been going on for a long time now and I am finally about to post these items.

The first items made with the fleece have already made their way to my store, my rose brooches. These are perfect for any coat or jacket and are so pretty (if I do say so myself). I also made soft plush fleece swords. Many of these sold at our last craft show. My son loves his too and is having a hard time parting with the remaining swords from the show,so I don't have these ready for my store yet.

I also have been using the fleece for my cup covers. These are perfect to keep those fingers from getting burned, keeping those wimpy cardboard covers out of landfills, and keeping your coffee/hot chocolate warm. They are also great (for me) to cover water bottles. They absorb the condensation so your table doesn't get wet.

Some of the fleece has been used to make these funky scarves. Fun and Warm just in time for winter. Another way to stay warm with my fleece is with Ear Bands. These are great headbands that cover your ears like ear muffs. No hats messing up your hairdo. I love mine. They Velcro for a completely adjustable fit. Reversible too if you choose.

Lastly, the fleece has been turned into my submission for our next challenge through Etsyrain....Stocking stuffers. I'll share this sometime this week after I submit it. Keep watching.

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