Thursday, November 13, 2008

Game Night

Last week we introduced a new board game to our son. He loves to play games but we are a bit tired of the same ones over and over. We also wanted to venture outside the usual kid game realm and challenge him a bit more. We pulled out Talisman (a game where you assume the role of one of 14 different Fantasy based characters and travel through a mystical world to discover magic artifacts).. It was a hit. Our son loved picking out the crazy creature (right up his alley - remember his costume?) to play and all the adventures that each character can participate with. It was a perfect sly way of doing math (counting, addition, subtraction, comparisons: more/less - higher/lower, and some multiplication), strategy, reading, and appeal to his creative adventurous mind. It turns out, it was such a hit he asked to play every night last week (sorry, homework came first - and my husband works late most nights) and all weekend. It turned out perfect this weekend as we set up a game on Friday night and just left it out all weekend to pick up at any time. It is a marathon type game and not the typical game for an almost 6 year old but I'd recommend it - and I don't usually like these type of games. Perfect for that creative, always needing to be challenged, full of imagination, kid (or adult). I think this one will be the game of choice for a while as there are many ways it can play out each time. I think I'll stick with the same character as I am finally getting to know her:). Take some time this holiday season to just stop and play a game. It's worth it to slow down and just enjoy a fun time.

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