Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sewing...the old fashioned way

So there it was a nice Saturday afternoon and I managed to finally reorganize my work space (still has our laundry room piled in there but I reallocated space) so that I could maneuver around my sewing machine. I finished cutting out a few things earlier in the day with the plan of sewing them while making dinner or after. Well, what a damper was put on my plans. Without warning our power went out and stayed out. No flicker, no wind, no bad weather. Just gone. Time for Plan B. Dinner at home was out (the gas went out of the grill the night before so that wasn't a plan) so off we went for pizza in hopes that it wasn't a huge outage. Well it wasn't a huge outage....just about 12 blocks in our immediate neighborhood. We thought it'd be back on after dinner and no problem. Unfortunately it was out for about 3 hours. Long enough to get a fire going, light all the candles in the house and start pulling out extra blankets. We ended up playing a game by candlelight rather than doing any sewing. I think that was best because I don't think my handsewing is the caliber my great grandmother's would have been. I'm too used to my sewing machine. Yes I have many items that require handsewing but that's for the detail and finishing work, not the main garment. Once again I am thankful for the wonderful luxuries we have, electricity definitely being one of them.

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