Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MIA but new stuff :)

Wow, I have been MIA for quite awhile.  The move and settling has really taken over every aspect of our life. 

It's a bit big for my model but he loved it too.

sweatshirt and weights
However, I have been doing custom orders all along for my Therapeutic Threads store.  Most recently I was asked to make a "cool-looking" weighted hoodie for a pre-teenage boy.  I loved this idea.  So many of the weighted vests looked exactly like a weighted vest or a typical denim or fleece vest with weights sewn in.  I make 2 types of those but they don't really cut into the fashion industry with much "cool" style.  So I tackled this like I do most of my custom orders....get to know the kiddo.  I needed his measurements to ensure proper fit but also needed to know what he likes.  Then I started working on this.
Originally I made several sweatshirts and put a liner in them for the weights - those worked just fine but they didn't have the teenage look I was going for.  My husband saw my frustration and asked why I was "trying to reinvent the wheel - just adapt a premade hoodie."  He had a great point.  While I made some lovely sweatshirt hoodie vests, I could have just found a hoodie the kiddo would like and start there.  So I did that.  Found a cool looking sweatshirt and created a weighted liner inside.  The inside liner vest is adjustable on the sides and the front to adapt to the needs of the child.  It has 8 pockets around the waist and 2 higher up on the back/shoulders.  Perfect for adding the weight needed.  2 or 3 weights of 4 oz fit great in each pocket providing an opportunity for changing as the child needs change.  The sweatshirt zips up in front and no one has any idea it is a weighted vest.  Remove the weights and it washes just as any other hoodie washes.  Have a sweatshirt your child absolutely loves?  Send it to me and I'll add the weighted interior or allow me to find and create a sweatshirt to work for your child. 
inside the vest - 10 pockets for weights

This weighted hoodie is off for its new home today but contact me for one of your own (and watch for some coming to my store later this summer).

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