Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gardens abloom

I haven't updated you on my garden for quite some time. I stopped! Actually after all the hard work of preparing the garden, I planted it and then didn't finish it. No top coating over the landscape fabric, no stone walkway, no border fence. It isn't that I gave up. No the plants are growing well. The watermelon is taking over as I knew and expected it would. The peppers are loving this spot and have multiple fruit growing. I even have had flowers blooming. It just isn't finished looking. So instead of showing you that garden, I will share a garden I mentioned another time. I love this garden in July - so full of bloom and goodness! Unfortunately the weather has been too hot for the peas and beans so they are in stunted growth right now but normally at this time they are overgrowing the 2 copper obelisks in the garden. Regardless, I still love this garden with all the lilies in bloom, the hydrangea blooming, red raspberries ripe for picking, and the front border of the most fragrant lavender (I cut this and dry it and put it in my weighted neck wraps - smells fabulous). I'll share another of my gardens in a few weeks.

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julia said...

It's beautiful! :)
What a wonderful transformation.
I just love it, Cindy!