Thursday, July 23, 2009

To the beach - with yarn???

This has been an incredible summer! We have spent so much time at parks, at pools and at the beach. Through it all I have been crocheting like crazy. In order to keep the yarn from getting sand in it I have found a great strategy. Typically I carry my crocheting in a sling backpack - it's waterproof, durable and holds multiple projects, snacks, and my wallet all in one bag. To keep the sand out of my yarn and project I began carrying the yarn in zipper plastic bags. This evolved into using the bags as my containers to keep the yarn from tangling too. I place a ball of yarn into a small sandwich sized bag (or larger if needed to accommodate a bigger ball). I then seal it off until that color is needed. When I am beginning to use a color I only open the bag large enough to pull out a strand and then I seal the rest. The strand slides through the opening and nothing else enters the bag. Keeps the whole ball clean. When I need to pack up or go play in the water, I simply open the bag, drop in my project, and reseal it.

It has worked great and I no longer worry that sand will get in my project.

Now off to the beach!

~Happy Summer~

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