Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Compression - hugs all day!

New to my Therapeutic Threads store are my compression tops and belts. The tops look like any other ordinary tank top but they are so much more to the many kids out there with sensory needs. They are soft, tagless and hugging. They are a hug without any personal contact with anyone. Many kids and adults need the input of tight fitting clothing but it is difficult to find these tops in kid sizes. After a special request from a friend, I searched for the best fabric that would be both soft and provide a constant input. After trying on my prototype, her daughter requested to wear it to school. She usually wants to wear her swimsuit so I was thrilled that she liked this top and wants to wear it all the time. These tops are available in various sizes - please take a chest measurement to ensure proper fit. While we want these tops to be compressing, we do still want breathing to occur.

The compression belts come in two different styles: adjustable or fixed. The fixed belt is a tube of soft compression fabric that varies in width. Get a wider thickness to spread from chest to waist or a thinner to just cover over the waist and hips. You and your OT can decide where the pressure is needed most and this can accomodate that need. Every day is different for a kid with sensory needs - some days require so much more compression than other days. The adjustable belts are a solution. They have 2 strips of velcro that increase or decrease the waist measurement. Perfect for the every growing needs of our kids.

These are just 2 of the latest products I have (or will soon have) in my store. Keep watching - there is more to come.

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