Friday, April 3, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Vacation

This week we have been on vacation and there has been a lot to do. Naturally I came with lots of projects too. I shared my table scarf on Wednesday. I also brought my fleece roses to sew. As you know I have been making these roses from scraps of fleece. Before I left on vacation, I spent several nights cutting out over 100 roses that all needed to be hand sewn to form them. What a perfect task to do on a plane or waiting in an airport - not so perfect to do when you are trying to go through old pictures and such though. This is the box filled with un-sewn roses prior to leaving on vacation.

I usually make these into brooches but I have made smaller ones this time that I will be adding to barrettes and hair clips to add that special touch to a finished "do".

Perhaps they will become the perfect accessory for that wedding party or for the flower girl or for the bride. Who knows. For now, they are a fabulous addition to the week.

Have a happy weekend!

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