Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

So instead of a Wordless Wednesday I'm sharing a work in progress Wednesday.

I look for fabric and yarn in varying places. Mostly I like to obtain my supplies free as purchasing really cuts into profit. One of my favorite places to get this is through Freecycle and Craig's List. So many people are getting rid of things that find great use in some of my projects. A year ago, I obtained a box of yarn through Freecycle. At first glance it just appeared to be someone's grandma's stash of cotton. After sorting through (and airing it outside or running much of it through the dryer to remove the dust) I found skeins and skeins of acrylics, cottons, and wool blends from all over the world - Holland (it says Made in Holland), Europe and the US. Recently I pulled out several skeins of this bone colored yarn and loved the feel of it. It is a Columbia-Minerva "Amy" brushed acrylic and is so soft. (I guess it is vintage yarn too) I originally decided it would be beautiful as a table scarf. The color looks so nice with the cherry table below it. So I began working in rounds in a lovely "V" stitch pattern. Easy, and quick. This is how far along it was the other day. I'm not sure how big I will make it but am pleased with how easy it is to work with....and so soft on the hands.

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