Friday, March 27, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Organization

After a very busy week, it is nice to be at a Friday before a Spring Break. We are heading out of town for break with lots of plans once we arrive at our destination. We have fun plans (the theater, get together, visiting relatives) but also work plans (organizing history, prepping a house for eventual sale). We have been prepping ourselves for the trip also. It always seems to require so much prep work for a short trip and so much to do when you arrive back at home. Hardly seems like vacation when you are a mom. Part of the prep work this week was organizing our home so it is nice and clean when we arrive back home (or at least mostly clean). One area that has been driving me crazy is the Lego region. My son loves his Legos and loves putting them together and taking them apart. He also loves designing his own sets and drawing up the plans and boxes. In addition he likes the challenge of seeing a picture of a new set and creating it with his existing pieces. All of this creates a corner filled with instruction booklets, pictures of new sets, booklets he creates, etc. Chaos in my view. In hopes of making that area less chaotic and the manuals more easily accessed I decided to organize them into a notebook. I finally found some sheet protectors and put them in a 3 ring binder (I know I need a bigger one but this is what I had). Next I organized all the booklets and slid each one into a protector. This huge mess became one nicely organized notebook. Now that is a Fabulous Friday!

Have a great Weekend!

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