Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm having a hard time switching gears and focusing on CPSIA exempt items for my store. Part of that difficulty is that I started this business as a creative outlet and part of that outlet is the need for more girly things in this testosterone filled house. I love dreaming up fun cute ideas for my friends' girls to wear or for my son's friends to wear. My store is filled with girly things - lots of girly things but also mainly with children products. But as CPSIA continues to rear its ugly head toward all handmade children products, I need to change my focus to the other aspects only partly showing in my store (teens and adults). This is difficult as I go through each day bombarded by children products. It's everywhere here.

One such bombardment that seems to grow like multiplying fungus is Legos. I love them, my son loves them, my husband loves them. With N's birthday right before Christmas, the last month has been a sea (or really a flood) of Legos. He received them for both occasions. He is not content (like some of his friends) to build the item and leave it on a shelf. Each has such unique parts that he likes to build it and then intermix them to create something entirely different. He has such fun looking at a picture of some product Legos makes and then taking his box of Legos and attempting to create it to match. So cool. We got together with some friends last week who as adults still have a bowl of Legos sitting out to build with. The "boys" had such fun building that night. After attending the BrickCon in our area last fall, I realize there are many adults who love building with Legos. It's amazing in fact. There are many items on Etsy with Legos - cufflinks, jewelry, belts, soap, books (I might have to get this one). So you can imagine how much I enjoyed seeing this Lego knitting machine. Slow but cool none the less. I think I can knit faster than that - I just don't like to knit. Too much focus is needed for me to keep from losing a stitch or to keep track of the pattern. I prefer to crochet and make up my own patterns. The problem then lies in making something that I like so much I want to make again. I am getting better about at least writing a rough pattern as I go and altering it at the end. Perhaps that will improve as my focus changes after February 10th. For now, I will enjoy all the girly stuff I have in my inventory, hope to sell most of it, and continue working on the "grown up" products I will add soon.


~ Charlene S Noto said...

I'm rooting for you. This new law is awful and I really feel for you individuals who make such lovely things for children. I would much rather buy children's ware from etsy than spend my money in WalMart.

Original Cyn Studios said...

Thanks Char. It is disheartening to think of all the children who won't receive anything but mass produced and marketed products in their lifetime or won't get to read books in a library. We'll keep hoping and working for revisions.

Kayce said...

What a cool knitting machine! Yes, a little slow... but cool none the less. It'll be no time before N is making such contraptions!