Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Renewed hope!

After a weekend plus of the flu (bless my husband's heart for taking the weekend and a day off from work to help me through it) I am feeling a bit renewed. Not because I no longer have the stuffy head, cold, cough or aches lingering from the bout (yippee the fever's finally gone) - I still have them. I am feeling a bit renewed because of the inauguration. Change can come! It gives me great hope that so many things can be accomplished. So many people rallied around the CPSIA ruling and are making their voices heard. (Thank you to all who voted at Change.org) Change can come. Still more is left to be done. Libraries, bookstores and millions of children could go without having the benefit of books if CPSIA stands as written. More needs to be done. Change can come. But what changes will you make in your life? I will be changing my store as well as changing how I live my life. Will you take the pledge to help do what is needed to make our country as great as it can be? Many people are doing just that. It is a great idea to ponder on such a historic day. Check out what pledges others are making here. For now, I will bask in the glory of such a wonderful day and hope that this virus doesn't spread to the rest of my family....for that isn't a change I am wanting for our future.

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Kayce said...

hope you are feeling better! Robbie keeps talking about seeing N on Thursday.