Monday, March 30, 2009

Fabric swatches

Awhile back I received a lovely bag full of great fabrics. Most of these are awesome quilting fabrics that I have great plans to use on a new bag (unless they become a new reversible dress) I'm working on. However, a strange phenomenon also came with these fabrics. I pulled out the fabrics and dumped them in a pile on the living room floor to sort and decide what pieces I would put into a swap box I am compiling (I just missed the last Etsyrain swap but am preparing for the next one). As I sorted these pieces, millions of small pinked cut pieces appeared. They were the same beautiful fabrics as the larger pieces, just pinked into lovely 2" pieces - everywhere. Wow!!! So after spending a lot of time picking up these tiny pieces and sorting them by fabric into baggies, I am now wondering what to do with these. I don't really want to spend a lot of time quilting with them - too small!

So I am opening this up to you all - Does anyone have any great suggestions of what to do with these tiny(under 2"), precut, quilting pieces? I am curious to hear your suggestions.

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Nancy Jones said...

You could fold them in half diagonally and in half again into a triangle and use them and teeny tiny prairie points for an edge treatment.