Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday gifts

Now that everyone has finally received their gifts, I wanted to share this great handmade find.

The Redmond Saturday Market this year was great - it usually is though. We found this great planter and immediately purchased it for our home. After hanging it for one week, we decided it was so great we would give it to all our family for the holidays. Naturally as Farmer's Markets go, we never again saw the vendor on weekends we were able to attend. They unfortunately do not have a website to purchase these from either. They only do craft shows and markets. Thankfully, I tracked them down and was able to purchase more at a local craft show. This plant hanger by Shoestring Wood Products is 3 tiered and made from recycled wood. Only the rope is new. It stores flat for the winter (which I love). Here is is fully planted with petunias - gorgeous. I planted ours with trailing and bush geraniums, fire plants, lobelia, and other assorted plants my son chose. It was a hodgepodge of plants but it turned out fabulous. It looks so great hanging on our back porch too. I just might have to get another for myself this summer.

I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts as much as we enjoyed giving them the gift of handmade, quality products.

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