Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm not sure if you would call it denial or depression or avoidance or what? I have it. CPSIA gave it to me. I haven't blogged about it or talked much about it - call it one of the above. I am concerned. As a stay at home mom, I started my business (Original Cyn Studios) for various reasons: creative outlet, provide additional income to my family so I could stay home with our son, provide quality products for kids and adults. Well, thanks to the CPSIA (in the current version) children's products will no longer be available through my store or the millions of children's stores found on Etsy. Testing my products would be extremely expensive for me and I couldn't pass the charges on to my customers - that would be ridiculous - no one can pay that in this economy. I am just a small business. So what to do with my inventory? I can't just donate it and get a tax deduction - CPSIA is affecting the many charities and consignment shops out there too. I wouldn't be able to donate my son's clothes and toys. This will be far reaching!
There are many places to read about this. Here are just a few links of the many, many out there. These sum up the effects very nicely. I am frustrated about this, concerned about this, and worried about where this takes our country. The intent behind this act is valid and respectful. I am first and foremost a parent who wants nothing more than to protect my son. Unfortunately, CPSIA is a backhanded way of hurting him. Taking away small businesses from the moms and dads who create wholesome, quality, creative children's products. Please contact your local representative and help us make a change for all of these small businesses that will be affected on February 10th.

I'll keep you posted as I determine where my business will go during these hard times.


Nancy Jones said...

I was reading about this the other day, wondering how it will affect those selling handmade creations on Etsy and eBay. I guess if I ever jump into the Etsy world I'll have to make things that are not for children. This morning in the Seattle Times they had a blurb that says federal regulators have reversed and now won't require secondhand stores to test used clothes, toys, and other items for lead which will at least keep those businsesses afloat.

Original Cyn Studios said...

Yes there are finally some changes in CPSIA and we are hoping for some more so that more businesses are not affected. Keep your fingers crossed and contact your state reps....the only reason they are amending their ruling is because people are getting involved.