Sunday, January 4, 2009

More handmade holiday gifts

This year I set out to make something useful and fun for my mom. My sister and I have talked about this project for quite a while and so I finally made a special wall hanging for my mom.

She has a child in each time zone and we all get confused as to how many hours ahead or behind each of us are. So in the same spirit as Clocks of the World I started with a frame. I mounted 4 clocks on matte board, foam core and backing. I labeled each clock with the state (New York, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington) and set each to the appropriate time zone. After installing the board in the frame, I sealed off the backing and added a ribbon for hanging. It truly is a one of a kind and totally personalized. I wanted to add ribbon around each of the clocks to add a more feminine touch but ran out of time before it needed to be shipped off. Perhaps next time I get out her way I'll finish it. It still looks great but I thought it would personalize it more with a more feminine touch. Finally, I enclosed the batteries needed so that she could pop them in and easily get this up on the wall. Now we are all just a glance away - and she has no excuses for calling us at 7AM anymore :)

(Picture quality isn't so great but it is very difficult to avoid the glare on a very stormy, cloudy snowy day)

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julia said...

I LOVE this! How cute and what a great idea. I bet she loves it!