Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day 5

So here it is - the last of Halloween Pasts - this time from last year. My son's decision was for some sort of goblin thing but after convincing him it wasn't appropriate for school he came up with a different idea. He again wanted to match one of his favorite toys - as he did with the panda - so which one was it? The dolphin. Here is the back of him. We found out this wasn't the best costume as it was so difficult to take pictures of him. The front is a vest that goes over his clothes so it doesn't look like too much in pictures facing him. The back is where the action is but you can't see his face. So all in all, while being a cute costume, not at all practical for the cute Halloween photos to send to family. He loved it though and it was appropriate for school.

So that's it for the Halloween pasts - Next week, I'll share his costume for this year. Feel free to email your child or familly's favorite costume from previous years. I'd love to hear your ideas.

For now, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Have a safe and fun trick or treating or party.

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