Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Day 3

Very quickly, before the bus comes. I will add today's costume. I am skipping the black spider I made for my son his first Halloween because I can't seem to find a picture of it handy. So on to the next year. My son had a huge love of anything Panda related so that is what he became. He wanted it to match his Panda collection (which he is holding most of in this picture). It turned out cute. The following year he was very much into construction. We toured the area for every construction site we could find that year so ultimately that was his decision for Halloween. It was super easy. I made the vest out of orange fabric fully lined in neon yellow. I added reflective ribbon (matches a real adult construction vest) and black binding. We added a tool belt, work boots, and a hard hat. He added the hammer. He had 2 personas: the foreman (with the mustache) and the worker. I seem to recall it was the worker who actually went trick or treating.

Only 2 more days....keep watching :)

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Haute Goat said...

LOVE the panda - my daughter was a panda (we must've used the same pattern) for her 2nd Halloween too!