Monday, October 20, 2008 problems.

So a few weeks back, our son went sliding down the hardwood floor hallway (as all children and some adults like to do) and jammed his finger into the doorframe. After a doctor trip that week, we were told it was jammed and would heal fine. We taped it up and continued about the week. It was looking pretty good. Well, while I was at the craft show last weekend, he managed to hit it again and this time did it. After several days of watching it (we still had it taped up and the swelling didn't go down like the first time), I finally decided to take him in to the doctor again. After some painful poking, the doctor finally ordered an xray. Low and behold, that little finger is broken - very broken. We are lucky that the bones are somewhat in the right position, they just have a hemotoma in between them. So now our little guy is strapped into a splint with no hopes of removing it for the next 3 weeks. We are not having much luck with our digits here in this house. At least I know how to tape it and splint it. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this doesn't happen to Stephen, he needs both hands and all his fingers to do his job.

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