Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For the past week or so since the Handmade Arts show, I have been having a hard time getting anything done. I have several winter shawls ideas in my head I want to do, several ear bands to finish, many items to post, and a Halloween costume to do. I love Halloween usually and love the ideas my son comes up with for costume attire but this year I am having a hard time getting into the swing of completing his costume. It seems harder this year. When he was little it seemed easier. The first year he was a black spider (easy for a 10 month old), then came a panda, a knight, a dolphin, and a goblin hunter. So this year, at a time when I am a bit tired from the show, comes a harpy. But not just any harpy. It can't have gray drippy fabric on it or wings with feathers. It must be black with rings all over the chest (I am guessing like large chain mail) and have horns, etc. He has sketched it for me so I can follow his vision. You see what I am dealing with. So am I working on this great plan? Nope, I am organizing my sewing area (the entire laundry room has moved in on it while we are remodeling it to become a mud room), going through toys and books and cleaning out the baby stuff, cleaning out the garden, and browsing through Christmas catalogs that have just arrived. Not really focusing on a costume that must be done (in accordance to my son's drawing and plan) in a little over a week. Help! I need motivation....what works for you?

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julia said...

I love those costumes! Years ago when I was a skinny girl my ex-husband and I were Sonny and Cher. It was so fun.