Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're back!

So we're back and jumping head first into the last few weeks of summer. After managing to make it through all the laundry and mail, I now have the task of organizing all the bags of stuff compiled by my husband's "cleaning" strategy. I have made it through one of the 5 bags so far and am feeling pretty accomplished. I decided to take back my sewing room from the guest room so I took down the bed and put the mattresses in the store room. While doing it my finger managed to get in the way of the collapsing bed frame and now is crushed. I have always been a fairly accurate and quick typist but typing with 9 fingers and a splint is slowing me down. So crocheting is out for a bit unless I can find a new method.

So on to our trip: We had a lovely first few days: hot, dry weather, Lego outlet stores, the zoo, hanging with my mom, sister, and best friend (and her girls). On the 3rd day my aunt fell and broke her hip so we spent part of the trip in the ER, hospital room, and nursing home/rehab. Glad we were there to help my mom through it all but definitely not planned. We did manage to get to the mountains for a train ride, climbing in Red Rocks, tour through a gold mine and mill, and had lots of yummy food to eat. Stephen's convention turned out to be okay too. He even had some sales which tops off any show great. With all the happenings, I had no time to try out mom's new sewing machine or to do the few kids projects I brought along. Although I did manage to get a new shawl completed at the hospital and will post it soon - a beautiful icy blue. So all in all it was an okay trip with highs and lows. Nice to be home and back into a routine and gearing up for my fall line up.

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