Monday, August 18, 2008


I love our school district. I just had to go on record as saying that before the actual school year starts and I start feeling different. Why you ask? Well for starters, I know that my son will be in the morning class and have known this for over 2 months. That can't be said for some of his friends who until recently didn't even know what school they would be attending. I have met his teacher, talked with her and saw her interact with my son. I like her already. I know others who have no idea if they will even meet their child's teacher on the orientation/back to school night. Our school sent my son a DVD with the songs and chants they use for their reading groups and math group for him to listen to and learn over the summer. Can I just say wow? As a speech-language pathologist and teacher, I'm impressed with the desire to help the parents teach their kids (Although I'm not a huge fan of the songs they are using, at least they will all be familiar with them.) The last thing I'm impressed with came in the mail this weekend...a calendar. I now have a calendar with all the holidays, school events, parent teacher conference dates, teacher days, early release days, etc. So nice to have going into a new year, a new program, and all the exciting events. So for now (we're still a few weeks off from the opening day)I am thrilled with our school.

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