Saturday, August 23, 2008

What fun!!!

I had such a good time tonight I just had to take the time to write about it (it takes quite a bit more time to type lately). Tonight we had the birthday party for Etsyrain. This is the street team for Etsy from the Puget Sound/Pacific Northwest. Etsyrain is 1 this month and we had a very fun party hosted by Nora of Norik. The picture is of one of my favorites of hers. Everyone brought food and a gift wrapped for the "white elephant" type gift game. To begin with, everyone is so fun and nice and has interesting things to talk about. Nora's gardens were beautiful to look at and it was finally a nice day to be out enjoying it. Then the gifts - all taken and "stolen" based on the wrapping. Some had beautiful wrapping, some were in manilla envelopes, all ended up being beautiful on the inside. Kinda like life. It was a great time. If you are part of Etsyrain and missed it, we missed you. Don't miss the next one. Thanks Nora for hosting and Thanks Etsyrain for making it this far and striving to do more.

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Kayce said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm so sorry to have missed it. Glad to hear everyone had a great time - hope someone took pictures!