Saturday, August 30, 2008

so what to do?

What do you do when you have an internet business and your computer crashes? Thankfully I have backed up all my photos, inventory lists, and tax information. But it still is a major inconvenience. I am currently at the library writing this with my "not-too-happy-to-be-here-again" 5 year old. We have had to come daily this week to check through my email, answer convos, and try to maintain some assemblance of order to my business. Not something a 5 year old wants to do daily. He has handled it very well. I on the other hand am getting a little frustrated with it. While I am thankful for the opportunity to use the library's computer - it is just inconvenient and difficult. Very difficult to add any of the new items to my store when I can't download the pictures to anything to even take to the library. So hopefully we will know on Tuesday (after a lovely long weekend without internet connection - libraries are closed for the holiday) how much longer we will be without the computer. Let's hope not long. Have a wonderful weekend!

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