Friday, September 5, 2008

Must have been good....

Well we just finished our first week in Kindergarten. It was a staggered start so he only really went 3 days this week (half the kids went the first day, half the second, all the third and fourth). Those 3 days must have been quite interesting to watch. The class has continued to grow from 15 on the first day to somewhere around 20 now (based solely on names my son is talking about). His first take on school is that there are a lot of rules - rules for school, rules for the playground, rules for the bus. After talking about what these rules are (a whole booklet came home on the rules - as well as a contract that the kids and parents must sign) he realized that the rules were in fact the same everywhere, the teachers just explained them for each situation. He must be enjoying himself because he talked about telling his teacher something tomorrow and I told him there isn't school tomorrow (being Saturday). He said "awwww, it's just too cool to miss 2 days". Yeah! He liked the first week - I did too. The teachers are great, the staff is great, and the bus driver is great. The other parents seem okay too. I guess he'll have to endure a boring weekend of assisting us in finishing some remodeling we started last weekend. Should be more fun than sitting and listening and following all those rules!

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