Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation anyone?

This week has been quite crazy and we are only a short way into it. There are challenges and sweepstakes to participate in and still a lot of sewing and crocheting in order to be part of these. But more importantly, I'm taking the week to spend every morning with my son. I usually spend all day with my son as I am a Stay at Home Mom but usually I am taking care of the house, running errands, playing with him and trying to do a little work on Original Cyn Studios (my store). This week is different. We have Vacation Bible School this week and he is in the group I am leading. It has been very fun so far with songs, games, crafts, stories, lunch and social interactions. It is exhausting having 7 5 and 6 year olds but it is really fun too. However, after the morning of VBS, we have been frantically getting prepared for vacation. We haven't been on vacation for 3 years. This time is a bit more hectic as I have my business to prepare to leave so that it is in full swing still when I get back. That means skirts to sew, cup holders to label, and many more projects I can't wait to share....in August. This is the longest we will be gone (16 days) but part of it will be work for my husband. He won't join us until the last half. We used to travel around for conventions and festivals all the time but after our son was born we decided it wasn't what we wanted to do with an infant. This is the perfect year. Stephen will be showing in the World Science Fiction Convention Art show in Denver. Perfect because we will be able to see family and friends. Perfect because they can see his latest work. Perfect because I don't have to attend the convention every day. :) However, as in previous years, I may find a great session on costume designing or something of the sort. Perhaps I may even get back into making those types of costumes again. But for now, I am frantically trying to tie up loose ends, prepare for 16 days away, planning for beginning of school activities, and just get ready to relax for a while. I'll try to write while in Denver....but I'm not sure what kind of access to computers I'll have. So until the next time.

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