Monday, March 10, 2008


I am curious how others manage their time. As I mentioned earlier, time seems to be limited in my life. We belong to a cooperative preschool and we love being part of it. I am on the Board of Directors and love being part of that. These parts of our life are a rich and rewarding experience that I would never change. Each week I work one day in the classroom which is the best opportunity ever. I get to be a mom and a teacher all at the same time. Wonderful! The other 2 days I drop off and pick up. Perfect. I try desperately to get errands run and sewing done in those short 2 hours. The rest of the week we spend in going to playdates or running errands. We have lots of fun crafting too. I have maybe 1-2 hours - disjointed hours - to work each day on business stuff and it is difficult. I wonder how others fit in more work. I can't, and maybe that is the difference between me and others, leave my child playing alone while I sit and frantically sew or rip-out or promote my store or blog or search through treasuries. I feel like I am missing seeing his creative juices flow through everything. I feel like I am missing an important moment in his life. Perhaps that is because he means everything to treasury, my little miracle, my little luck in a field of difficulty. I know that soon he will be in school and I will have time to spend designing, sewing, creating and marketing but for now I will just treasure my time with the best thing I have ever created.

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Kayce said...

You will find a balance that works for you and your family. I was thinking about this the other day when a friend noted how well my two kids play on their own - they can engage themselves in anything without needing direction from an adult. I think this is an important skill... and it has only happened, I believe, because I've had to be more hands off working from home.

I think it's the teacher in you - and my other friend - that feel the need to be there for every second. Nothing wrong with it... but there is also nothing wrong with letting them play on their own. I like to have them play next to me - I give them buttons, yarn, or fabric scraps to play with and I always continue to converse with them while I'm hard at work. I'm the ultimate multi-tasker! And they get lots of my focused attention at other times during the day.