Friday, March 14, 2008


I have to say how fun it is to get a package. Today we received a wonderful package full of goodies from my mom. Just getting the package made my day. So many frustrations happening that it was nice to get something in the mail. Upon opening it, even more was full of great stuff. First a book my husband has been needing (it was hanging out at my aunt's house), secondly some beautiful clothes, thirdly some bobbins, needles and other sewing stuff. But the best part of all were some old crafting kits that my mom got from some craft club almost 35 years ago (she hauled them all over the country with our various moves). These kits are so cool. Made of real wood, comes with all the parts (although the glue probably is worthless) and will be so fun to do with my son. I asked why we didn't do them growing up and mom just said that with 4 kids it just didn't happen....besides they were for her to do alone and that never happened. Funny. I look forward to making the clown, the planter, the boat and whatever else is in there soon before they get carted around the country again. Thanks Mom!

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