Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had such fun yesterday watching my son create in the most fun way possible. Since school was out we planned a fun day with a friend. We went to Creation Station and had great fun searching through all the bins and creating quite a masterpiece. On the way he expressed interest in making a large robot with additional long explanation details. (He likes to go into great detail in describing everything.) Upon arriving he took off around the studio and decided he would make a cistern....why? I guess because we've been talking about all the rain and snow and what happens to it all and where it is stored. So he collected all his stuff and began creating a cistern. After a long time of tubes and arrangement, he switched to an animal. Throughout this time his friend was making the coolest dinosaur. Well it didn't last long before he discovered an idea that could incorporate all his tubing. He ended up building a really cool house with tresses, carpeting, plumbing and lots of stickers and tape. What a great use for recycled products. I love watching his mind work!

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