Monday, February 25, 2008

I have so many projects I have started but I am not able to finish. I have about 5 dresses nearly finished, several purses cut out, dinosaurs that need stitched, and a new idea for a shawl that I want to start. The problem is that I have been put out of commission with my wrist. I have had slight carpel tunnel problems for many years and now it is rearing its ugly head again. It has rendered my left hand useless for the past week - the problem is I am exclusively left handed. I think the crocheting, sewing, cutting, and computer work have all come together to create a very painful time. I have taken some time off to let it rest and have avoided the computer for several days now and it is feeling somewhat better. Just enough to do some sewing, not enough to crochet yet. UGH!!! It's hard listening to our bodies.

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