Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Change of plan

Do plans and designs change as often for you as for me? The perfect example of this is my latest addition to my store. This darling purse started as a cyclops alien for my son. He loves strange creatures and wanted a set of orange and red cyclops aliens to play with/put with his million pillow/ or whatever. So I started with the orange one. I decided to make them triangular to add to the focus of their one eye. They were kinda inspired by Kayce's imagimonster. So I got the orange one mostly done, it just needs stuffed and the eye. I decided to wait on that until I got the red one done so I could make 2 eyes and stuff and sew on both. Well, as I was making the red one (naturally there was no pattern created for the orange so I was just guessing on the red to match) it started making a life of its own. Before I knew it, the shape was no longer alien or boyish. My son was very upset because now he not only didn't have his aliens but it turned into a "girly" thing. He thinks I make too many girly things as it is. Oh well. I guess you have to go with the flow when the design bug bites.

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