Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ahhhh the joys of clay

Recently my son has had a huge interest in sculpting, modeling, doing anything with clay. He also wasn't satisfied with playdough anymore and wanted "real clay". My husband got him some red clay at the art supply store and he had a wonderful time getting red hands. For Christmas, Santa brought him some Sculptey clay with directions to make a knight and dragon. This love of clay has continued and he is always wanting more clay. I used to work with clay long ago when I would make embellishments for mugs and such but that was a long time ago. My son is always requesting that I sculpt with him. (He wants me to do everything with castles, play dress up, etc). I haven't joined him in sculpting because it is the one quiet time during the day where I can sew, crochet, organize when he isn't requiring my attention to his conversation (monologue). Well today at a friend's house, I got the chance to remember my fun with clay. Not only were we doing the molding and shaping, the kids got into the fun too. Perhaps now after "playing with clay" again I might not be so quick to let him sculpt alone....the sewing can wait.

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