Thursday, January 24, 2008


As part of the Seattle Etsy street team, EtsyRain, they have challenges to boost your creative flow. or something like that. Challenge #4 was the first one I was a part of and quite frankly was difficult mainly because of the colors. I came up with fleece flowers to match so that was very fun. The next challenge is even more fun, Wizard of Oz. Now so many things come to mind, mainly because growing up we lived in Kansas and that is always the joke for a kid in Kansas. The problem (Challenge) for me in this is narrowing down the focus as we only have a few weeks to do this in. So many ways to go so little time to do it. Not to whine but my crafting/business time is fairly limited. I am a SAHM with an energetic 5 year old. I'm on the School Board at his school. I also work one day at his school. In addition to crafting/sewing in the "free" time, I am building my husband's website. Naturally that leaves only a few hours a day to work on the many ideas I have for WofOz and the multitude of other ideas flowing through. A friend is always telling me I need to focus....but where? I guess that is really the challenge.

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