Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So I find that many of my friends are feeling the same as me this new year....overwhelmed with disorder. Motivated by another friend who has made a dramatic impact on resolving this (check it out for yourself here) I am attempting to get my sewing/crafting area under control. The problem with this is that my sewing/crafting area is a temporary space....a small bedroom...the guest room...out of season As all of our family and friends live out of the state our guest room is a necessity. However so it my crafting/sewing. So I am making every effort to remove all the Christmas boxes, extra junk, and organizing my things. I am hoping to make it transferable so that it may move with me to another room when guests arrive and the bed needs to become reestablished. So far, I have only removed the Christmas boxes and pulled out the fabric boxes. With any luck I will have sorting completed soon so that I may again find my sewing machine and begin sewing. With any luck the motivation I have found from all around me will help.

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