Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workin on Wednesday - carpool lane crochet

As we have moved to a new community, new school, new state, we are discovering a lot of things we miss about our old community.  I could begin to list them all but won't at this point.  The one major thing we are missing right now is our son's school.  There are so many reasons why we are missing his school (academics being part of it) but one major change for me is the afternoon pick up.  At his old school, parents were encouraged to park, come into the school, mingle with other parents, discuss difficulties and successes, talk about up coming community events, pick up fliers for community activities, meet and greet your child and their friends, and sometimes get a chance to talk briefly with the teacher.  At this school, parents are told (at least we were & it appears it's schoolwide) that they are to stay in their cars and drive through and pick up the kids - like a conveyor belt or drive-through restaurant.  Very different and quite isolating to a new family.  I also must arrive about 10-15 minutes early or I have to sit in my car out on a busy highway waiting for all the cars to pull forward so it can be my turn in the parking lot drive-up lane - yikes!  So as we've been adjusting to it, I've been fidgeting in the car waiting for my turn in line to pull up and summon my kid.  I didn't do that for more than one day.  Boring.  So now I bring along my crochet bag.  I didn't have a lot of yarn out of boxes since we are still in move-in mode but I did have a couple skeins so I went to work making something to brighten my day.  I expect as the school year goes on, I'll be sharing several "carpool lane crochet" items.  These are fun sunny doilies or washcloths.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet as my son does not want to use them in his shower. :)  Happy Wednesday!

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